Low Voltage Cabinet Lighting

Low voltage lighting

provides a superior source of illumination for

task lighting

or when a precise beam of light is required. It uses a transformer to reduce normal household electricity to a low voltage signal which, in turn, is used to power the lamp. Lower voltage means more

energy efficiency

and less impact on our environment.

Low voltage LED lighting lasts ten times longer

than traditional incandescent bulbs while delivering a vibrant, truer light. This not only impacts your wallet, but landfills as well. An additional savings is realized as LED lights do not cause heat build-up, which
helps reduce air conditioning costs.
This makes them a valuable light source for offices, kitchens, dressing room vanities and display cabinets. This durable lighting alternative is being hailed as the best long-term solution for your home or office. So, let us help you incorporate low voltage lighting into your next design.
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Glass Topped Lighted Jewelry Drawer   Low Voltage Lighted Garment Rod
Lighted Clothes Rod   LED Lighted Closet Garment Rod
Under Cabinet Lighting   LED Under Cabinet Lighting for Kitchens
Display Hutch with Low Voltage Lighting   Entertainment Cabinet LED Lighting
Display Hutch with Low Voltage Lighting   Lighted Collectible Cabinet
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LED Low Voltage Desk Lighting   Home Office Under Cabinet Lighting

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