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Being productive is not just getting work done. It’s accomplishing the task at hand efficiently and accurately. When we have an

organized workspace

we reduce stress, improve concentration and boost creativity, which, of course heightens productivity. Since each of us has a unique style of working, our


are intimate places that need to be personalized. Consider which elements of

office organization

fit your daily work habits.

Open shelves put reference books or pricing binders conveniently at your fingertips. File drawers and a working filing system are invaluable to efficient office organization. Without these, paperwork either stacks up on your desk or is forever lost in nameless regions of your office.

Task lighting is an integral part of office design. It focuses light where it’s needed most without contributing to monitor glare or eye strain. Low voltage LED lighting lasts ten times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs while delivering a vibrant, truer light. This not only impacts your wallet, but landfills as well. An additional savings is realized, as

LED lights do not cause heat build-up,

which helps reduce air conditioning costs.

beautiful cabinet doors
reside all the necessities to keep the office humming. From ink cartridges to label makers, surplus supplies are better kept concealed—less visual clutter increases our ability to focus. Which brings us back to why we create a personalized office in the first place…focus, creativity and productivity.

Door Style: CRP 10875

Finish: Cherry, Honey with Brown Glaze

Hardware: Black

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